A basic collection of routines to ray trace through graded index (GRIN) lenses with a parabolic radial profile.


Example Light paths in a 0.25 pitch GRIN lens from an ancient Melles Griot Catalog:

import pygrin as grin
n = 1.608
gradient = 0.339
length = 5.37
diameter = 1.8

pitch = grin.period(gradient, length)
ffl = grin.FFL(n,pitch,length)
efl = grin.EFL(n,pitch,length)
na = grin.NA(n,pitch,length,diameter)

angle = grin.max_angle(n,pitch,length,diameter)
print('expected pitch = 0.29,            calculated %.2f' % pitch)
print('expected FFL = 0.46 mm,           calculated %.2f' % ffl)
print('expected NA = 0.46,               calculated %.2f' % na)
print('expected full accept angle = 55°, calculated %.0f°' % (2*angle*180/np.pi))
print('working distance = %.2f mm'%(efl-ffl))


expected pitch = 0.29,            calculated 0.29
expected FFL = 0.46,              calculated 0.47
expected NA = 0.46,               calculated 0.46
expected full accept angle = 55°, calculated 55°
working distance = 1.43 mm

But the real utility of this module is creating plots that show the path of rays through a GRIN lens. For examples, see <>


Source code is available at <> or the module can be installed using pip:

pip install pygrin


pygrin is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

pygrin Package


ABCD(n_0, pitch, length, z) ABCD matrix for meridonal ray propagation.
BFL(n_0, pitch, length) Back focal length of a grin lens.
EFL(n_0, pitch, length) Effective focal length of a grin lens.
FFL(n_0, pitch, length) Front focal length of a grin lens.
NA(n_0, pitch, length, diameter) Numerical aperture of a grin lens in air.
cardinal_points(n_0, pitch, length[, offset]) Cardinal points of a grin lens relative to first surface.
full_meridional_curve(n_0, pitch, length, …) Points on a path from an object to image through a GRIN lens.
gradient(pitch, length) Gradient of a grin lens based on its pitch and length.
hyperbolic_secant_profile_index(n_0, alpha, r) Index of a hyperbolic secant grin lens at a particular radius.
image_distance(n_0, pitch, length, s) Image distance for an object.
image_mag(n_0, pitch, length, s) Transverse magnification of an object located at s.
max_angle(n_0, pitch, length, diameter) Maximum acceptance angle of a grin lens in air.
meridional_curve(n_0, pitch, length, r_i, …) Points on path of a ray passing through a grin lens.
parabolic_profile_index(n_0, pitch, length, r) Index of a parabolic grin lens at a particular radius.
period(grad, length) Period or pitch of a grin lens based on its gradient and length.
plot_principal_planes(n_0, pitch, length, …) Create a plot for a grin lens showing the cardinal points.



  • update function parameters for sphinx automodapi


  • sphinx documentation
  • plot_principal_plt -> plot_principal_planes


  • renamed pitch() to period() to avoid stepping on the name.
  • improve readme
  • fix pylint warnings
  • fix pep257 warnings
  • fix pyroma warnings


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  • add hyperbolic_secant_profile_index
  • fix importing, update for new names


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